Ještě nejsem, kým chci být (I’m Not Everything I Want to Be)

I’m Not Everything I Want to Be

Libuše Jarcovjáková’s photography captures the dynamic environments she has inhabited throughout her life to this day. Starting in 1960s Czechoslovakia, rhythmic black and white photography re-creates the atmosphere of everyday life heavily impacted by Soviet invasion. The lens continuously switches between the photographer and the life around her, making for personal, genuine encounters with the struggles of herself and of people around her. This creates a story delving into the lives of women, queer individuals, and factory workers, illuminating the subtle yet powerful effects of the era on these intersecting communities. Jarcovjáková’s photography became more than just a documentation of moments; it served as an outlet for the destructive forces surrounding her.

Each snapshot captured not only the subjects but also the essence of the times, marking an ongoing journey of love for people, places, and the imprints they leave on Jarcovjáková. As she navigated through struggles, transitions, and self-discoveries, the photographer’s work evolved, reflecting her ever-changing perceptions of herself and the world around her. Her photographs stand as a testament to her unwavering dedication to depicting the human experience in an honest way – despite, or especially because of, its tumultuous circumstance.

Content notes: Depiction and mention of military violence, police violence, war and occupation, mention of misogyny, mention of abortion

by Klára Tasovská

Tschechien/Slowakei/Österreich, 2024

(English subtitles)

90 min.


31.05.2024 – 16:00

Shorts 2 – Until We Meet Again