Thanks to the support of Salzgeber, our festival is also able to offer three feature films and two short film programs online. All selected films will be online for one week after their physical screening in the cinema.

Please note that an account for is required to access the films, which can only be viewed from Germany (5€/film). More info on the available films can be found below.

You can watch the films here!

DakanDAKAN by Mohamed Camara, France 1999, 90 min

The love story of two young boys in their twenties in a big African city upsets a society regulated by taboos and prohibitions of all kinds. DAKAN, the first Black African feature film to depict homosexuality, was in many ways ahead of its time. Two high school boys make out in a car, and the family structures around them disapprove.

Manga is sent off to a traditional healer and eventually married off to Oumou, a white woman. Sory is expected to take over his father’s lucrative business. But time shows that nobody can outrun their destiny. In stark and striking imagery, Mohamed Camara’s film tells a complex story of love and family, which is more concerned about what feels right than what is the right thing to do.


OLD NARCISSUS by Tsuyoshi Shoji, Japan 2022, 120 min

Tamura’s first feature film presents an intergenerational love story between Yamazaki, a 74-year-old eccentric artist, and Leo, a young and lonely sex worker. Through this love, Yamazaki finally comes to terms with and begins to forge the relationships he failed to carve with his friends and family during his youth. Old Narcissus delves into the history and current situation of Japanese society, taboos and stigmas.

Tender and touching, this love story humorously unveils the challenges of growing old with a youthful spirit and a society that cannot keep up with the passion of an artist and his unconventional life.


OUTCASTS by Yu Kan-ping, Taiwan 1986, 95 min

“If they don’t go to the park, where can these little fairies go?” Auntie Man asks her friend Master Yang. The two of them have adopted a young group of gay men – A-Qing, Little Jade, Mousey and Wu Min – who live at their apartment and form a community of solidarity. When night falls, the New Park in Taipei emerges as the ‘Dark Kingdom’, with its proud lotus pond and pavilion in the middle. A site of connection, a site to hang out and cruise. Outsiders become insiders as their lives unfold in mid-1980s Taiwan.

Outcasts by Yu Kan-Ping was the first gay-themed Taiwanese film to be produced officially. The film is based on the 1983 novel Crystal Boys by Pai Hsien-yung, which in turn is influenced both by Taiwan’s modernist and nativist movement in 1960s and 1970s, while its film adaptation is inspired by the Taiwan New Cinema of the early 1980s. A fabulous queer classic that leaves your heart filled with joy!

XPOSED Short Films: Secrets and Resistance
Six short films from the 17th XPOSED Queer Film Festival Berlin offer advice on dating, explore histories of pleasure and community, and celebrate the day-to-day acts of resistance. Whether through small secrets or humorous artwork, these filmmakers and their protagonists challenge their circumstances.


All short films are shown in original language with English subtitles.


XPOSED Short Films: Find Your Way

Six short films from the 17th XPOSED Queer Film Festival Berlin show how queers find their own ways. Whether in public space or private lives, the protagonist set up a new home, find connection despite rough circumstances, draw their own stories and remember their loved ones, and constantly explore their own identities beyond the scars and wounds of the past.

All short films are shown in original language with English subtitles.