Cinema Fouad

Cinema Fouad

In Cinema Fouad (1993) by Mohamed Soueid, a Syrian trans woman who lives in Beirut is questioned by the filmmaker, while dancing, eating and putting make-up on. In face of some of the more brash questions, she reacts with directness and finds space to muse about her life, the movies, her goal to undergo gender-affirming surgery, her Palestinian lover and her dreams.

Please note that the only screening copy of this film that we could find is in relatively low quality.

Content notes: mention of violence, transphobia

Four short films will explore the experience of being queer and Palestinian, taking a look at the shaping of identity in times of war and occupation.

Content notes: flashing lights

The screenings will be followed by four live poetry recitations on queer Palestinian life, by guests Burouge, Fadl, Najwa and Sunny, who have created the four shorts as part of a queer Palestinian poetry film project, organised by Kameron Locke.

by Mohamed Soueid

Lebanon, 1993

(English subtitles)

41 min.


02.06.2024 – 16:00

IT’S LOVER, LOVE – Wake for Lost Ones
Shorts 7 – First Voyages