XPOSED Open Air: July 26th @ Freiluftkino Kreuzberg

While we’re still cherishing the memories of the 17th XPOSED Queer Film Festival Berlin, it’s time to announce our open air summer screenings! Join us  at Freiluftkino Kreuzberg on July 26th for our annual open air with shorts from this year’s festival. Make sure to come by, say hello and watch these wonderful works of art with us!

July 26th, 9:15pm @ Freiluftkino Kreuzberg – click here for tickets


XPOSED Open Air 2023: Queer Short Films

A Letter To Myself – Valerie
by Omar Gabriel
Lebanon & Canada, 2022, 10 min
English with English subtitles

Valerie Saliba shares her personal battle to embrace her gay son. Through this journey, she finds her own voice as a courageous woman in a conservative country.


Dancing Bodies
by Laure Giappiconi, La Fille Renne & Elisa Monteil
France, 2019, 5 min
French with English subtitles

Dancing Bodies is a joyful and sexual ode to sorority.


Slug Life
by Sophie Koko Gate
UK, 2019, 7 min

We follow a day in the life of Tanya, a curious woman who has developed a taste for non human lovers. This time her bedroom experiments result in the creation of a beautiful giant slug. Can such a perfect creature survive in this gnarly world full of freaks and beefs?

comme tous les garçons
by Morisha Moodley
UK, 2022, 10 min
English with English subtitles

comme tous les garçons meditates on images and ideas of masculinity and transmasculine identity. The film combines found footage and personal archive in an act of assemblage that mirrors the erratic and eternal piecing together of a queer identity. Showing, too, how this process first consumes, then corrupts and queers. The film attempts to trace a story of becoming, laying bare the moments of conflict along the way. It asks what it means to be and become like all the boys, what it means to want this and how the spectre of Whiteness haunts the wanting.

Os Animais Mais Fofos e Engraçados do Mundo
(The Cutest and Funniest Animals in the World)
by Renato Sircilli
Brazil, 2023, 24 min
Portuguese with English subtitles

Jorge is 70 years old and is one of the most capricious and dedicated janitors at the Paradise Motel, except for a single detail: He secretly records the audios of the room’s guests. Selling these audios to Alberto earns him an extra income as well as affection, even though Jorge no longer remembers what his own pleasure sounds like.

How Not To Date While Trans
by Nyala Moon
USA, 2022, 14 min

How Not To Date While Trans is a break-the-fourth-wall, dark comedy that follows the dating life of a black trans woman and the problematic men she meets along the way. Andie searches for romance and self-love but ends with heartbreak.

Volana’s Eclipse
by SJ Rahatoka
Germany & France, 2022, 7 min
no dialogue

Volana (Moon in Malagasy) is a Black Transmasculine dreamer who hides their emotional and physical pain in the shadows of a club. One night, when everything seems fragile and close to collapsing, Volana gets stuck in another space where they meet Tia who will show them the multidimensional aspect of their being.

El jardín de los faunos
(The Garden of Fauns)
by Pol Merchan
Germany & Spain, 2022, 24 min
Spanish with English subtitles

Retracing the life and work of Spain’s Nazario Luque, groundbreaking queer artist and author of the first openly gay underground comic strips. Romantic and sharply provocative, El jardín de los faunos is an intimate portrait of a man who devoted his life to love and freedom, amplifying queer culture in a country still discovering its freedom after Franco’s dictatorship.



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