Kiki Lounge

Founded in cooperation of the Youth Center Königsstadt and the queer youth center Q*ube in March 2022, Kiki Lounge emerged from voluntary engagement of members of the German Ballroom scene – a rich subculture of performance and community, embedded in US-American Black and Latin Trans/Queer Culture.

The aim of the project is to establish a regular safer space to Q*T* Youth, as well as an access to social youth work and gender affirming social services. Intersecting traditional youth work and the philosophies of the Ballroom scene, young queer people are able to come in every Monday. Here they can practice, and access community and further resources for free. The space also hosts a weekly session of TgotT, a trailblazing trans-centered space open to trans and gender-questioning people.

To make Kiki Lounge sustainable and able to exist in the future, members of the scene have banded together for a documentary that aims to portray the space that is so crucial for many of them. Besides a screening of this project, the Kiki Lounge and TgotT will also offer an insight into Ballroom‘s relationship to the public, politics and media in a panel led by voices from the community.

Screening: Kiki Lounge Mondays
Sunday June 18th

Kiki Lounge Panel
Sunday June 18th

(next to Südblock),
Skalitzer Straße 6,
10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg