Stories Of Our Lives

Stories Of Our Lives

Starting out as an audio-based documentation project of real queer stories in Kenya, this anthology of five short films turned into a cinematic experience in stark black and white. This year, Stories of Our Lives by Nariobi-based The NEST collective is celebrating its 10th anniversary. In ‚Ask Me Nicely‘, two high school students have a secret relationship that is disrupted by rules of society, followed by a young man‘s first visit to the gay club in ‚Run‘.

‚Athman‘ tells the story of a farm worker who expresses his love to his understanding, but baffled best friend and in ‚Duet‘, a researcher nervously opens the door to a white escort while on a trip to the UK. Facing the threat of an anti-gay legislation, the final vignette ‚Each Night I Dream‘ imagines a future for queer Africans.

Content notes: Homophobia, Transphobia, Physical Violence

by Jim Chuchu

Kenya, 2015

Swahili and English

60 min.


01.06.2024 – 16:00

Shorts 4 – Intergenerational Bonds
Midlength Special – Close to You