Lying on the seashore, one lover tells the other to close their eyes and imagine a sailor, alone in the depths of the sea, gazing at the soft melancholy of the waves, awake and untouched by sleep. Seconds later, the two lovers fall asleep on the beach, and it is in this state of half-sleep that we are drawn into Afrad Vk‘s beautiful and intriguing debut. The two students and lovers, Suku and Charlie, prepare to part ways as their university life comes to an end. In their final days together, they discuss literature, make love, and take long drives on deserted roads, until a health emergency forces Suku to leave the city prematurely.

Returning to his room following a paranormal vision, Suku finds his lover Charlie leading a spectral existence, intimate to him but invisible to everyone else. Afrad Vk presents a warm and delicate love story that transitions from a novelistic world infused with literary references to a violent and cruel reality in a society that does not accept the love between two young boys. Riptide is definitely a film for literary enthusiasts, but not only that, it is also a journey for those who want to enter the state of fantasy and confusion we experience between sleep and awakening.

Content notes: physical violence, homophobia, suicide

by Afrad Vk

India, 2024

(English subtitles)

85 min.


Wolf Kino
02.06.2024 – 21:00

Pop Up Campus
BX (of 3x3x6) & FLUIDØ