Mavi Kimlik (Blue ID)

Blue ID

Rüzgar goes to the pharmacy, beaming with excitement. He gets his first hormone shot, one of many moments of his transition that are documented by two of his friends. A few months later, his deadname is all over media outlets in Turkey, even topping the list of the most googled names in the country. Due to his public appearances as an actor pre-transition, Rüzgar‘s private journey to the male Blue ID becomes permeated by the public eye and the legal process gains another layer of intrusion and scrutiny.

This documentary captures the charismatic protagonist in intimate moments full of doubts, pressure and resistance, with family, friends, at work, the doctor and in front of the computer or TV; pairing them with the public perception of transmasculinity and queerness in Turkey over the years, to perhaps set the record straight.

Content notes: transphobia, misgendering, deadnaming

by Burcu Melekoglu & Vuslat Karan

Turkey, 2022

(English subtitles)

84 min.


02.06.2024 – 20:15

BX (of 3x3x6) & FLUIDØ
Má Sài Gòn (Mother Saigon)