Like a tour guide, a voice introduces us to Athens and bridges the gaps between some of its more underground landmarks: Ten wildly original drag performers, who use their art to tread the space between self and performance. In the realm of their worlds, we encounter different characters; a punky clown that is mostly occupied as a housewife, a turbo-folk girl with Albanian roots, a freewheeling and unsuccessful artist and her daughter who is nourished by videotape of European arthouse films… to name but a few.

In a series of vignettes that combine acting, video art, public performance and many other talents, each of them gets to hold the mic to express their art and aesthetic, telling stories about living queerness and performing gender and identity in the Greek capital.

Content notes: blood, mention of nationalism, police brutality, queerphobia, hate crimes, death

by Fil Ieropoulos

Greece, 2023

(English subtitles as well as German subtitles for the Deaf and hard of hearing)

92 min.


01.06.2024 – 20:15

Shorts 6 – Artist’s Odyssey