First Time + It’s All About Geography

First Time

We listen to music and are on the way. In doing so, we see things and the world differently than before. So that things don’t always go on like this, but may become better: Two boys meet on a train ride. Something is born – not much and yet everything. Do you remember all those “first times”? The film, daringly simple as it is, creates chapters out of found footage, urban views, and the static shot of two young persons looking at each other, passing through an almost endless skyline, or timeline, of the city. Enjoy a Golden Hour Carousel Ride. A Common Sensations Music Movie.

by Nicolaas Schmidt

Germany, 2021

No Dialogue

50 min.


16.06.2023 – 22:00

Supporting film

It’s All About Geography

Shot in 8mm, It’s all about geography is a haptic and poetic exploration of a lover’s separation a few weeks before the pandemic broke out, making geography and distances feel like they did in the times of our ancestors: unpredictable, abrupt and extensive. The film proposes intimate landscapes, sometimes external and some others internal, as they unleash a story between the two that has not yet been revealed.

by Juan Francisco Riumalló

Chile, Germany, 2022

(English subtitles)

19 min.


16.06.2023 – 22:00

Shorts 4 – Lost and Found
Le Bleu du Caftan (The Blue Caftan)