The love story of two young boys in their twenties in a big African city upsets a society regulated by taboos and prohibitions of all kinds. Dakan, the first Black African feature film to depict homosexuality, was in many ways ahead of its time. Two high school boys make out in a car, and the family structures around them disapprove. Manga is sent off to a traditional healer and eventually married off to Oumou, a white woman. Sory is expected to take over his father’s lucrative business. But time shows that nobody can outrun their destiny. In stark and striking imagery, Mohamed Camara’s film tells a complex story of love and family, which is more concerned about what feels right than what is the right thing to do.

Please note that there is currently only a digital film copy with low resolution available – the image quality might not be the best, but the film is absolutely worth seeing!

by Mohamed Camara

France, 1999

(English subtitles)

90 min.


17.06.2023 – 16:15

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