All the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White


Bambino is a delivery driver in Lagos, appreciated for his generosity and romantic interest in his neighbor Ifeyinwa. One day he meets Bawa, who is taking part in a photo competition. The two hit it off well and begin to drive and stroll through the city during the days, taking pictures while their chemistry grows – but so do Bambino’s insecurities and Bawa’s frustration. 

Director Babatunde Apawalo breaks new ground by continuing the tradition of Nollywood filmmaking on his own terms, telling a story of a complicated contact between realities in warm colors and rigorous observations.

The film will be shown with English subtitles and German closed captions.

by Babatunde Apalowo

Nigeria, 2023

English, Igbo
(English subtitles and German closed captions)

92 min.


Il Kino
17.06.2023 – 19:00

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