Ястреб размером с лощадь (A Hawk as Big as a Horse)

A Hawk as Big as a Horse

A Hawk as Big as a Horse follows the daily life of Lydia, a bi-gender ornithologist who lives in Shcherbinka, a remote suburb of Moscow. As Lydia embarks on remaking David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, she creates Lara, a life-size silicon doll of her wife, Vasilisa. Between bird hunting, strange rituals and filming, Lydia seems to be the only one who can keep up with her endless fantasies.

A cinematic experience that transcends the documentary genre, becoming a very unique fairy tale guided by the enigmatic protagonist and director Sasha’s voice. Using three-dimensional animations and various cinematic techniques, the borders between reality and dream become blurred. 

After the screening, we will hold a Q&A with director Sasha Kulak.

by Sasha Kulak

France, 2022

(English subtitles)

74 min.


Wolf Kino
17.06.2023 – 21:10

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Shorts 6 – All the Aunties