Wet Sand

A village at the Georgian Black Sea with friendly people believing to know each other. One day, Eliko is found hanged. His granddaughter Moe comes to organize his funeral. She is confronted with a web of lies and the tragic consequences of Eliko’s hidden love life with Amnon over the last 22 years. After Moe eventually learns the truth about her family, her own ability to love is freed, while the villagers are challenged to finally take a stand. 

Director Elene Naveriani reflects on the pitfalls of a close-knit village community and its violent nationalist and religious values, all the while laying open the beacons of hope. With the story taking ever new turns, their second feature film slowly unfolds an intricate web of relationships across different generations.

by Elene Naveriani

Switzerland, Georgia, 2021

(English subtitles)

115 min.


Il Kino
28.05.2022 – 19:00

Shorts 6 – Failing the History Class
Shorts 5 – Heart to Heart