The Oleanders

Paola, Betty, and Eva, three trans* women in their 60s, are on a night stroll through Athens. They revisit the streets and places where they started sex working at an early age, where they had fun and found love, struggled, existed, and gloriously resisted.
XPOSED is excited to present the documentary film The Oleanders by Paola Revenoti. Join us on two summer nights at Open Air Kino Mitte to watch the film – and to welcome Paola there for a conversation on her film, on life, on sex work, on politics and activism!

by Paola Revenioti

Greece, 2020

(English subtitles)

65 min.


Open Air Kino Mitte (@ Kino Central)
10. & 11.07.2022, 9:30pm

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