XPOSED Open Air @ Freiluftkino Kreuzberg

Summer nights are long, and we’re here to celebrate and reflect queerness in all its glory (and darkness). The 16th XPOSED Queer Film Festival Berlin presents a selection of short films from this year’s festival edition: narrative, documentary, experimental.

Masquerade (EGÚNGÚN) by Olive Nwosu
Nigeria & UK 2021, 15 min

In search of healing, a young woman returns home, to Nigeria, the country of her birth.


Hundsstern steigt ab (Dog Star Descending) by Aykan Safoğlu
Germany & Turkey 2020, 12 min

Critically reflecting on his educational trajectory and his high school’s history, Safoğlu touches upon repressed family incidents and the German colonial interest in Asia Minor at the turn of the 20th century, which somehow seem to be perfectly intertwined.


Sitt el Beit (The Lady of the House) by Anya Kneez
USA 2021, 9 min

““Sitt el Beit” is a film starring Lebanese Drag artist Anya Kneez who plays the role of a Lebanese mother cooking at home for her family. The film takes place in the early 90s and takes inspiration from Anya’s own home videos from her childhood. Anya was raised in California in a very tight knit Lebanese family. She remembers her parents filming every occasion and would send VHS tapes to Beirut in a way to stay in contact with their family back home. As a child of immigrants, Anya wanted to portray how families in the diaspora long to be reunited with their family back home. This film is a tribute to all Arab Mothers to “Sitt el Beit” which means lady of the house.

The film premiered at the Institute Du Monde Arabe in Paris as a part of an exhibition entitled “Arab Divas”. Anya chose to honor one of the greatest Arab divas; Fairuz. For many people in the Arab world Fairuz’s voice has always been and always will be a beacon of hope.

Anya chose to recreate a traditional Arab family gathering all inspired by her childhood memories. However she chose to film it with her own Queer family in Brooklyn. This was a strategic choice to showcase the different meanings behind the word “family”. Anya left Lebanon in 2019 and has felt homesick ever since, so finding fellow Arab queers in New York was very necessary for her. She wanted to show the importance of chosen family.

A tribute to our Arab families.
A tribute to our Queer families.
A tribute to our Arab mothers and grandmothers.
A tribute to every person who has felt the bitter taste of immigration.
A tribute to every person who has cried in their mother’s arms at the airport.
A tribute to the Arab Diva that always makes me miss home.
A tribute to Fairuz.


Filmed in May 2021 in Brooklyn, New York.
Released on June 13th 2021 as a part of Institut Du Monde Arabe’s exhibition “Arab Divas”.

Prayers for sweet waters by Elijah Ndoumbe
South Africa & USA 2021, 16 min

A submergence into the vivid realities of three Transgender sex workers living in Cape Town, South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Ladies, Gentlemen and Everyone in Between by Jad Wadi
Lebanon 2019, 10 min

A short essay film attempting to formally combine day-to-day props and itineraries in Beirut. These elements, whether formally gendered or transformed into something that is, all become part of a personal narrative where I am made aware of my gender. This experiment challenges the notion of the binary as I navigate through the city as both male, female, and neither.


Uma paciência selvagem me trouxe até aqui (A Wild Patience Has Taken Me Here) by Érica Sarmet
Brazil 2021, 26 min

Tired of loneliness, a middle aged motorcyclist goes to a lesbian party for the first time. There she meets four young queers who share their home and affections. An encounter of generations, a tribute to those who brought us here.

by various directors

Brazil, Germany, Lebanon, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, UK, USA

Original languages
(English subtitles)


Narrative, Documentary and Experimental

Freiluftkino Kreuzberg
06.07.2022, 9:45pm

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