Matar a la bestia (To Kill the Beast)

In this luxuriant jungle, where local myths and legends abound, a dangerous beast believed to be the spirit of an evil man taking the form of different animals seems to be roaming around. On a journey to sexual awakening, Emilia will have to confront her past in order to kill the beast.

Agustina San Martín’s impressive directorial debut is a film that relies fully on the intelligence of the viewer, delivering a dense story that wanders through dreamlike and mysterious landscapes. The film refrains from explanation, but lends itself to open interpretation. What is the protagonist’s state of mind? Actress Tamara Rocca rises above the slow narrative, which oscillates between abstract ideas of fear and empowerment.

by Agustina San Martín

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, 2021

Spanish, Portuguese, Portuñol
(English subtitles)

79 min.


27.05.2022 – 22:00

The Queer Short Film Fund
La Nuit des Rois (Night of the Kings)