Content notes and trigger warnings can help to make an informed decision on whether to view a certain film or be mentally prepared for disturbing and difficult content. Our films often discuss and portray the beautiful, but also harsh moments of queer realities in a racist, cis-heteronormative, sexist, ableist, classist and otherwise discriminatory society.

Psychological triggers work differently for each and every one of us. We cannot provide a comprehensive list of triggers, but if you have a specific question about a film or shorts film program, please send us an email to info[a]

Physical violence

Shorts 2 (Inabitável)
Shorts 3 (Aquele Casal)
Closing Night Shorts (Sisters)

Feature films: Night of the Kings; Wet Sand

Sexual violence 

Opening Night Shorts (Menarca)
Shorts 2 (Where is my body?)
Shorts 3 (Let’s Do This Again Sometime & Scum Mutation)
Shorts 4 (A Wild Patience Has Taken Me Here)
Closing Night Shorts (Kooseh, A man who can’t grow a beard)

Feature films: Neptune Frost; Miguel’s War; Night of the Kings; Valentina


Opening Night Shorts (Son of Sodom)

Feature films: Wet Sand